Benefits of co-working for small businesses

Working alone at home can sometimes be hard. We all need the energy an office can bring us, but many start-ups simply don't have the budget to rent out an office and co-work with others.

Share clients

The trick to co-working is to find people who work in industries related to yours. We are web designers, and co-work with graphic designers, copywriters, bloggers with affiliate marketing deals, etc. Each of us has skills the other can use, and we often form partnerships on projects, complimenting each other with each other's skills. At other times, we hear about someone needing a job done that is perfect for some of our co-working partners.

Get a second brain and think outside the box

Many ideas are born out of conversation. You're stuck, can't quite figure out how to move on, so you take a break and discuss your ideas with others who have different skill sets. The combination of different experiences, approaches and temperament often spur on new ideas that you simply couldn't have come up with on your own.

Co-working is great for your budget

A co-working plan can get you an office space for $250 a month, perfectly affordable, and for that you get the gift of companionship. Get a Google Voice account, so people who call your telephone are directed to all the phones that are connected to this account. As a result, being outside of our home office doesn't mean missing any calls.

You don't always have to leave your home office to co-work

With modern technology such as Skype, Twitter and Facebook you can still co-work when you are not physically present at your co-working station. When at home, simply connect with partners who also work from home that day via Skype, and get to experience the feel of a virtual office.

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