MentorMob will fundamentally change education.
By building an online community where people can teach everything they know and learn anything they want, a quality education will one day only depend on an internet connection and curiosity.
But we agree whole heartedly with Davis Guggenheim, director of the critically acclaimed education documentary Waiting for Superman, when he says that we’re never going to have great schools without great teachers.

MentorMob is the fastest, easiest way to become a great teacher.
It sounds trite, but it’s true: everyone has talents. Everyone has a skill somebody else wants or even desperately needs to learn. You do. Your parents do. Everyone you know does. The limiting factor is whether or not you take a risk and share what you know.

MentorMob is not limited to changing how people learn just in America. has begun providing e-readers to classrooms in developing nations. And so for the shipping and basic maintenance costs of 20 e-readers, a teacher and class full of students get access to hundreds of titles.
One Laptop per Child has been providing rugged, low cost, low power usage laptops to school children in developing countries for several years. This exposes them to a breadth and depth of knowledge they would never have otherwise, but the content they learn from is still limited to the online curriculum provided, and to what they can find for themselves online.

MentorMob will be the platform that enables students all over the world to learn anything from each other.
Imagine posting and organizing content on MentorMob that you’re interested in. Imagine someone on the other side of Chicago or the United States or even somebody in Africa or Asia who needs to know exactly what you know. Imagine being an integral part of a new era of efficient and effective education.

MentorMob allows you to be exactly that.