Unemployment blows.

In December of 2010, I was scrolling through yet another list of entry level sales positions when an unusually late call nearly knocked me out of my chair. I answered, and to my amazement, the Buzz Marketing Consigliere at MentorMob introduced herself and suggested I might be a good fit for her growing team. As she began to describe exactly how this new website would work, I walked slowly to the couch and sank into it, stupefied with excitement.

Stunning reenactment of the author's reaction.

I could tell instantly my life was about to change.

I had yet to work a job that didn’t make me want to poke my eyes out, and here was a small, talented group of people getting ready to launch a project with huge general appeal and even huger long term ambitions. And they needed a blogger, a voice, an online emissary.

I was in before I hung up the phone.

After only two and a half years in the professional world, I was sick of harboring only vague aspirations for meaningful work. And now I was faced with a good idea so obvious it felt like I’d already had it.

Here it is:

Searching for “how to learn” anything online is often frustrating because you can easily find tons of content, but you’ve still got to sift through hundreds of links for the really quality content.

So if you wanted to, let’s say, check out how to play guitar, you could find a handful of popular videos and a Wikipedia article without any trouble, but what if you really wanted to learn? What if you could search one site and BAM!—instructions, videos, tricks and tips all organized and submitted by the best guitar teachers and enthusiasts in your neighborhood at your fingertips?

And what if, as more and more people joined this website, this online community, a reliable curriculum emerged for everything from poker to salsa dancing—all available to anyone anywhere with internet access.

MentorMob will be exactly that—the gold standard for “how to” content online.

So instead of slogging through a mire of dead end links and unsubstantiated message boards, MentorMob will lead you quickly and easily to quality, peer reviewed content.

I’m already excited about power chords.