I wish MentorMob had been around the first time I gave up on something challenging. But it wasn’t. Otherwise I might have had an easier time dealing with an ugly fundamental truth.

The Learning Curve is the most frustrating thing that exists.
Everyone remembers their first learning curve smackdown. You’re minding your own business, picking your nose on the playground, when one of the older kids does something neat, and does it well. Suddenly you are possessed with the desire to try this thing out for yourself. And you know with absolute certainty that you can walk on your hands/juggle a soccer ball/burp the ABC’s without the least preparation.

So you fearlessly attempt this new, cool thing!
But you don’t have the slightest experience. So while imagining a beautiful one hundred meter hand-walking sprint/ten minute juggling demonstration/perfect belching performance, you somehow end up face-planting/falling over/mostly just drooling. And so through the ego bruising process of trial and error, you learned early what it’s like to want to learn something you just can’t do yet.

MentorMob can help you get over the dreaded Learning Curve “hump”.
When I was seven years old, my grandparents gave me a plastic suction cup tipped bow and arrow set for Christmas. And as I fitted an arrow for the first time with my chubby fingers, I imagined a Robin Hood caliber laser beam of a shot, complete with the whistling whoosh of a high speed projectile and the cheers of an adoring audience. And so when my arrow plopped a mere five feet away in the gravel driveway, I threw the bow twice as far and stomped off in teary frustration.
Thankfully, my frustration threshold isn’t quite as low as it once was. But still, if I had a nickel for every time I abandoned a new interest in just a few days or hours or even minutes, I could probably buy an irresponsibly priced gourmet sandwich. Maybe two.

Conquering the Learning Curve is hard alone. But it’s much easier with like-minded friends!
It’s also a lot more fun, a lot more natural, and a lot more exciting to learn with others who are working toward a similar goal. MentorMob can help you find people who want to learn the same things you do. That way, when you are suffering from sore arms/lost balls/an embarrassing lack of burping ability, a community of fellow learners is right there beside you, sharing your struggles and encouraging you along the way.

Good friends have interesting interests. Good friends also hold each other accountable. Mentors do both.