Walking into a MentorMob meeting is like watching the introductory montage of Ocean’s Eleven.

That is, if brilliant white collar criminals met in their sock feet at a basement apartment littered with spent Nerf darts. Our team is at once fratty and focused, social and nerdy. And each person has specific talents that add indispensable value to the team.

A panoramic view of a typical staff meeting, featuring developers developing, marketers marketing, and a MentorMob early adopter reckoning with last night’s mistakes.

As Vince, MentorMob’s Operations Head Honcho, bangs away on his well-worn ergonomic keyboard, it’s easy to imagine him sprouting two more arms, all typing with the speed of a supercomputer. Such is the intensity with which he designs MentorMob’s user interface. Just don’t steal from his huge stack of mixed nuts. Because he will lay a Nerf smackdown on your ass.

A recovered ex-professional hacker, James codes around the clock to build MentorMob’s skeleton-meaning he makes sure that when you click on stuff, the right stuff happens. And his screen saver operates in five dimensions.
John and George comprise our front-end team, which is devoted to Website Awesomeness Installation. Hungrier for feedback than Hollywood producers at a focus group, they consider a thousand small suggestions while building a fun, simple website that even your Grandma could use.

Jordan, Information Specialist, builds complex spreadsheets that tell the future. Through careful research, he can forecast everything from MentorMob’s user growth rate to the cost of including a lazy river into our eventual office space. No scenario is too outrageous to be successfully incorporated into his equations. Besides maybe a zombie apocalypse.

But no matter how outstanding a product, if nobody knows about it, no one will use it!

That’s where Kristin, our Marketing Consigliere, comes in. Armed with a color coded calendar detailing every networking event and lecture for the startup, education, and philanthropic communities in Chicago, she brings the good news of MentorMob to the people. She also holds our free spirited crew together like a dog walker hauling around a pack of yapping fluff balls.

But Content is still King.

As MentorMob’s Content Creation Supervisor, Krystal creates, organizes, and tests the learning material that will make MentorMob famous. In the process, she has learned to play guitar, golf, and swindle all her friends at Texas Hold’em. By this time next year, it’s safe to say she will possess the sum total of all human knowledge.

For a Blogologist and Buzz Generator, MentorMob has Charles. Learning isn’t boring-it should get you pumped! And he communicates this core MentorMob tenet with the slick, subdued wit of a best man who knows all the groom’s secrets. But you’ll have to wait until the after party to hear the really good stuff. ;)

Erin (and her alter ego @Erinandthecity) tie the marketing team all together as our Community Manager. If you are talented, energetic, and involved in your neighborhood, look out! Erin will find you. And she will recruit you to our cause. Do not resist. Resistance is futile.

And of course, there would be no MentorMob without Kris. The Chairman of Mobs and Vince’s arch Nerf enemy, he’s the one who dreamed up the tiny rubber band ball of a thought experiment that has grown and grown into MentorMob, and which will continue to grow to tourist trap sized proportions. And if you are very lucky, you may one day get to see him Salsa dance.

From our underground Nerf bunker, we are ready and willing to start a movement.

Don’t you want to play?