MentorMob has a new face, personality, and pouch.

MentorMob’s mascot had to be uncommonly feisty, ambitious, and endlessly curious. So we launched a worldwide campaign to find the face of our new online community. The competition was close, but our winner is the stand-out creature.

Introducing Kali Kangaroo, MentorMob’s official marsupial.

What impressed us most about Kali is her astonishing diversity of interests. An amateur mixed martial arts champion and instructor, she also volunteers at a children’s research hospital and is teaching herself traditional French cooking. Talk about a life long learner!

Never, ever stop learning. That’s Kali’s philosophy.

Some people may feel like they’re too old or too unprepared or just too uninterested to learn something new. And Kali feels like it’s our job at MentorMob to make learning together so natural and exciting that you won’t be able to help yourself.

We interviewed plenty of mascots with more professional experience, but while Kali doesn’t have a stacked resume, her hobbies and interests are a testament to the attributes we most admire. Kali is a fighter, a mentor, and a student—just like we want to be!

We’re ecstatic to welcome Kali to our team. Keep an eye out for her work!

But we also learned a lot from our three runners-up.

Nelson Iguana’s ability to mimic everything from the casual expertise of a cowpoke to the precision of a race car mechanic was impressive. But an element of sincerity was missing from his work. Turns out, being good at many things doesn’t necessarily mean you’re passionate, deep down, in learning and teaching those things.

Clarence Chimpanzee was oh so excited about the entertainment potential of organizing exceptional learning content into one convenient place. But he just didn’t spark to MentorMob’s potential as a revolutionary educational tool. And without a focus on making practical “how to” knowledge available worldwide, MentorMob would be into just another social media site.

Richard Penguin provided us with a staggering number of charts and graphs detailing his vision for MentorMob’s worldwide corporate expansion. But even though rapid growth is an important ingredient for our new venture, it must come second to an outstanding user experience-and to having fun.

Thanks to all of our mascot applicants.

But most of all, thank you to Kali, for inspiring us. We want to be part of your mob.

Teach everything. Learn anything. MentorMob.