We made it! MentorMob’s five person conference team rolled into Las Vegas late last night after conquring hundreds of miles of flat Nebraska farmland and rocky Utah desert. Our mobile command center proved resistant to threats of electrocution, chronic eye strain, and the emotional toll of spotty internet and close quarters email combat.

Plugged into our Mobile Command Center. Oy, my eyeballs.

Beautiful, lonely country. Our excited, loony team.

But now, with the DevLearn Expo underway, our real work has begun: meeting and greeting representatives from a whole potload of elearning companies that create and manage online content.

“Wouldn’t it be great,” we’ll be asking, “if there were an online platform that could organize and present all your learning content so that it is easy to use, easy to share, and totally compatible with your current tools?”

“Oh wait!” we’ll say, slapping our foreheads. “Have you heard about this plucky start-up called MentorMob?”