How MentorMob Makes Learning Easy

At a conference composed of the brightest thinkers and biggest companies in online learning, it was easy to get cross-eyed and overlook what made each e-learning venture unique. So I found myself going back again and again to MentorMob’s particular model for users, businesses, and the world.

For the curious individual:

MentorMob is easy to use. It organizes instructional text, pictures, and video into a simple and intuitive Learning Playlist. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t.
MentorMob is a community. There’s never been a better way to connect with like-minded people and to add your own voice to a growing collection of crowdsourced how-to knowledge.
MentorMob is free. There’s no cost to learn what you want or share what you know.

For organizations:

MentorMob is compatible with any LMS (Learning Management System) like Blackboard or Moodle. So businesses and universities can continue to use the online tools they already have while making training information and course materials much easier and more engaging for employees and students.
MentorMob is cost effective. It’s far less expensive than any comparable LMS.
MentorMob is a customizable platform. Playlists can be built to order using whatever content meets an organization’s needs.

For the world:

MentorMob can transform millions of hours of wasted time spent searching into useful time spent learning.
MentorMob can connect learners and mentors across the globe, promoting understanding and collaboration.
MentorMob can dramatically improve access to a free, quality education for everyone everywhere.

Charles Perry

About Charles Perry

Charles gets fired up about intelligent tech tools for teachers, Chicago in the summer, and space operas. Follow @MentorMob and @CharlesUpTop for the latest in education disruption.
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