This week, MentorMob co-founder Kris Chinosorn will reveal something big at the #140edu State of Now conference in New York City that will help teachers and students take full advantage of technology in and out of the classroom.

And Kris will be in good company! Since 2009, the #140conf (which is named after the 140 character limit per tweet on Twitter) has been providing a place for forward thinking folks working in education to voice their opinions about what’s happening today in the real classrooms of the real world.

There are plenty of times for philosophical musings on what education SHOULD look like in five or ten years, but the State of Now conference is not one of them—it’s concerned with how educators can make use of technology RIGHT NOW to effect positive change. The official website for the conference outlines its aims this way:

It is the goal of both Jeff Pulver and Chris Lehmann to take a hard look at the State of Education NOW and provide a platform for educators, parents, students, administrators, school boards, together with anyone and everyone with a vested interest in the state of education a chance to be heard and ideas shared and explored.

Earlier this year at a #140conf event in Syracuse, Jeff talked about how social media is not just a tool for building a brand—it can and should foster meaningful relations between real three dimensional people. As a 12 year old kid fascinated with a ham radio, he realized all it took to make real connections was a little bravery:

The level of connectedness I discovered on ham radio was amazing, and I discovered the secret to social networking is to listen, connect, share, and engage. If you’re on the radio, but you’re not listening to the person you’re talking to, what are you doing? If you’re not connecting in a meaningful way, they’re not going to connect back to you. If you’re not feeling this, it’s not going to be real.

Make sure to follow the #140edu on Twitter for the latest on how to use emerging technologies in ways that educate, inspire, and connect people to one another—and keep a look out next week for more on Kris’s big news!