A Call for Passionate Teachers

There’s nobody more inspiring than a passionate teacher, and no one whose help MentorMob needs more to successfully disrupt education.

Which is why, if you’re a driven, tech savvy, “thinking outside the box” teacher, we’re asking for your help in our online education experiment.

It’s a contentious issue, but we have to agree with Patrick Gibbons that an outdated educational system can’t be tackled from the top down. Policy typically changes only when a new strategy has already improved students’ learning experience in the classroom. Which means kickass teachers who introduce compelling new tools directly to their kids are our best bet in the struggle to reshape education for 21st century needs and 21st century brains.

But MentorMob is just a tool. And while we incorporate the gaming and social media mechanics into learning that make Facebook so dangerously addictive, we need motivated teachers and students to build Learning Playlists and share them as a component of their unofficial online curriculum.

We want to help. Just let us know how.

Charles Perry

About Charles Perry

Charles gets fired up about intelligent tech tools for teachers, Chicago in the summer, and space operas. Follow @MentorMob and @CharlesUpTop for the latest in education disruption.
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2 Responses to A Call for Passionate Teachers

  1. Kristin says:

    Seeing how the teacher community is fostering technology in the classroom is extremely exciting and motivating! Children, young adults, and adults are constantly on technology, so WHY NOT teach them through technology… life long learning! It is fun, engaging and easy to share awesome, amazing content.

    This is an awesome playlist from a teacher who organized articles about 21st century learning…. My favorite quote is “To teach is to learn twice over. Learning becomes a life long process and teachers are forever learners.” It is true… the most powerful teachers are the ones that are constantly learning and never staying stagnant with their classrooms. With their passion for learning it is infectious with the students and you see the students being more motivated, inspired and eager to learn! http://www.mentormob.com/learn/playlists/articles-about-the-21st-century-education

  2. Vince says:

    With the rise of technology in the past 20 years (personal computers, Internet, smartphones, tablets, etc) why are we still teaching kids in relatively the same manner that was done 200 years ago? Now more and more teachers and librarians are accepting technology and bringing it into the learning process - not to replace the teacher but to complement them and enhance the experience. Kudos to the passionate teachers out there!

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