When I look back at the subjects taught in my K - 12 classes, learning how to be happy was certainly not one of them. And that’s a shame! After all, it makes sense that being happy, just like anything else, takes practice. But most of the time, happiness seems to be an emotion that comes and goes rather than a skill that can be learned.

Maintaining a healthy diet and leading an active life, while surrounding ourselves with people we love is a good starting blueprint for happiness. But even this oversimplification of a how to lead a happy life is much easier said than done. That’s why it’s helpful to take small, easy steps that encourage contentment and self-awareness, like spending 10 minutes a day to yourself. This is just one of the suggestions presented in my favorite playlist of the week:

Created by Joelle AllenIs ‘Happiness’ A Skill You Can Learn not only provides helpful research regarding the art of happiness; it also includes a week-long Happiness Challenge run by Action For Happiness, Headspace, and the BBC.  The Happiness Challenge meditation video is a great example of how achieving “mindfullness” during a 10 minute break  can change your present and future outlook!

So should the art of happiness be taught in school? For what age is this subject appropriate, or of most importance? If anyone has integrated a happiness exercise or lesson into their school day, we’d love to hear about it! Comment below, share your thoughts on twitter, or email me at erin@mentormob.com :)

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