Community Manager Update

The past few months have brought SO MANY amazing Playlists to our MentorMob community that we decided it’s high time we gave a shout out to some of our most frequent content creators. Every week I will showcase three of my favorite Playlists from the previous week or so to give you a peek of what’s shiny and new!
Bullying in US Schools - Jenny Davis @JDavisIHCC_EDU
Featured Segment: Step 3: Bully the Movie. Click ‘Media’ on the left to view the official trailer.


Game Based Learning In Science - Lauren Zoerhoff
Featured Segment: Step 5: MIT News profiles their interactive game, “Vanished!”


Flipping A Classroom - Daniel Edwards @syded06
- Featured Segment: Step 2: “Why I Flipped My Classroom” - Katie Gimbar explains why she flipped and the benefits she’s seen in her classroom. (Check out her other videos for Q&A from fellow teachers!)

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Erin gets jazzed meeting fellow thought provokers, professional huggers, and Big Band enthusiasts. Follow @MentorMob and @ErinMMarguerite for the latest in education disruption.
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