One of the greatest advantages of online resources is their ability to be accessed anywhere, anytime. After chatting personally with nearly one hundred of our dedicated users and listening to their stories, it’s safe to say many believe one of the greatest advantages of MentorMob‘s Learning Playlists is their universal accessibility.

Educators, mentors, and lifelong learners are connecting to each other through online resources all the time now. No longer restricted to textbooks, outdated encyclopedias or tired teaching methods, the Internet has made it possible for people the world over to learn together. Whether relearning algebra basics at 48 or tackling these lessons for the first time at 14, the greatest playlists I’ve seen thus far are those that involve teachers, students and parents in the learning experience.

Created by Teq Instructional Technology Specialist Diane Quirk, Into Thin Air is a fantastic example of introducing source material to multiple audiences. Originally built for the teachers of an upcoming book lesson, this six step playlist begins with an author information and book summary of Into Thin Air—”a personal account of the Mount Everest disaster”. This playlist also features a breathtaking panoramic view from the top of Mt. Everest, information on climber gear, an overview of common fears and supplies, and a step dedicated to the importance of the Sherpa people.

This playlist is a great way to introduce faculty to a new unit, and it can also be shared with the students and their parents for a behind the scenes look at the subject matter. Imagine getting everyone involved by organizing engaging online material in line with the current unit of study. I believe this connection within a learning community is a game changer for grades, attitudes and future lessons!

Many thanks to Diane for her wonderful playlist and inspiration! For more information on interactive technology tools, tips and ideas, be sure to visit the Teq Blog. As always, feel free to share comments below or email me personally at :)