People around the world felt chills this past weekend as the news broke that NASA’s rover, Curiosity, successfully landed on the surface of Mars.

We now have the ability to explore the Red Planet and document our findings using advanced imaging and state of the art software. Who knows what this little rover will discover!

Leave it to our amazing MentorMob community to immediately celebrate and chronicle Curiosity’s success.

Kim Darche has collected videos, documents and images depicting this amazing feat in Curiosity And Mars. Inside, you’ll find answers to questions like, “how on earth is it possible to safely land a rover on mars?”, and “is the Red Planet, you know, red?” You’ll even learn about the possibility of extraterrestrial life!

Take advantage of this event in your classroom by embedding Kim’s Learning Playlist into an Edmodo page or Wiki space! And If you have special plans to include the Curiosity Mission in your lesson plan this year, feel free to share project ideas and exercises in the comments section below! :)