The last time the MentorMob team road tripped from Chicago to the west coast for an #edtech conference, we were young and foolhardy enough to make the trek with five people in a car that fit…five people.

NEVER AGAIN.  This time, traveling in a minivan the size of a small nation, six members of team MentorMob took turns driving, tweeting, eating, navigating, napping, and taking ugly pictures of each other while napping on the 35 hour journey across the country—only stopping to rest for a bit in Vail, Colorado, each way.

Our Mobile Command Center in action.

And we could not be more pleased with our time in beautiful San Diego. Meeting rock star, tech savvy teachers from all over the world face to face, many of whom we knew well but only through social media, was as fun as it was productive.

By rubbing shoulders with educators and innovators who already spoke the language of education disruption, we’re returning to MentorMob’s global HQ with more potential advisors, partners, and users than ever before. And that’s pretty rad. Already can’t wait until next year—and here’s why:

ISTE 2012’s Top 7 Most Memorable Moments

  • Singing along with a whole gaggle of Aussies, led by Summer Howarth, to I Come from a Land Down Under at edutopia VIP karaoke.
  • Listening in amazement as Sir Ken Robinson, the brilliant education reform thought leader knighted by the Queen of England, gave a shout out to mustachioed #edubros Timothy Gwynn and Nicholas Provenzano at an #iste12 keynote.
  • Laughing along with the teachers hustling to introduce their tech tool in under two minutes while battling a crawling Internet connection at Vicki Davis‘s app #smackdown.
  • Turning green with envy as Erin Mahollitz won a luxurious, all expenses paid vacation (HA!) to Startup Weekend courtesy of Khalid Smith at the StudyBlue ISTE UnPlugged afterparty.
  • Getting down with educators of all ages at the Google Educational Team‘s dance-off after failing to figure out “a four letter word ending in ‘k’ for human intercourse” at pub trivia. (Don’t overthink it.)
  • Hanging out with MentorMob Innovators Crystal Kirch, Tom Kramer, and Alison Anderson (pictured with MM team at top).
  • And finally chowing down on an In-N-Out Burger. Animal Style.