As far as tech tools for teachers go, Edmodo is ahead of the learning curve.

Boasting over one million unique visitors every month and an easy to use navigation system, Edmodo provides a place where teachers, students, and educators of all stripes can collaborate on teaching strategies and share different online tools.

Community groups for subjects like Social Studies, Computer Technology, and Language Arts give teachers the opportunity to share specific lesson plans with thousands of their peers, like this one for writing a short story outline, which was organized into a MentorMob Learning Playlist then embedded on the Edmodo Language Arts Community Page.

Teachers interested in using technology to encourage collaboration among their students can also build a secure page for their school where kids can answer discussion questions, watch videos, and work through new concepts with their classmates online. If you need help embedding a Playlist, here’s a tutorial by Erin, MentorMob’s Community Manager:

So whether you’re a teacher looking to “flip” your classroom, would like a hand spicing up a lesson plan, or just think students should have every chance to improve their web skills, Edmodo’s resources make an excellent addition to your educational online arsenal.