Have you heard? On June 18th, more than 300 “flippers” will turn the Tribeca Flashpoint Academy on its head as they discuss the latest innovations in flipped learning. 

MentorMob is sponsoring the Opening Reception for the 5th Annual Flipped Conference! While many of us will prepare for this event with flip on the brain, my favorite playlist this week caters to experienced flippers as well those just beginning to integrate technology into the classroom: Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World.

This Learning Playlist features informative videos on each of the ancient wonders and can be used both inside and outside the classroom. The creator, Elisabeth Anderson, described the playlist as an addition to her lesson.

“I used these videos during a directed reading of The Seven Wonders of Sassafras Springs. In the story, the little boy, Eben, dreams of leaving Sassafras Springs to see the world. He has a book of wonders he reads from, and I wanted my students to know more about these wonders—especially since students in 6th grade learn about world history.”

Many MentorMobbers are not ready to flip completely, but they ARE looking for new ways to engage their students. A playlist like the Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World is a versatile resource for learners who want to dive a bit deeper into the subject matter, and which caters to those who are just plain bored of textbook doldrums at the same time! 

By the way, this is not a first from Elisabeth Anderson! Check out her other playlists here and get inspired.

Catch ya on the learning curve! :)