I don’t remember being taught leadership in school. Maybe I learned this skill unconsciously through group projects or other activities, but Leadership 101 was never on the list of required classes for middle school, high school or even college.

A great friend of mine says learning to lead your own life will help you discover what you’re meant to do both personally and professionally. Now, I don’t think a ‘Leadership 101′ class is necessarily the best way to go about it…but does the absence of leadership training in school seem strange to anyone else?

Teachers, mentors, parents…I give you my favorite Learning Playlist of the week!

Twenty steps long, this beefed up playlist is full of amazing videos from both TED and Google Zeitgeist conferences. There are articles on leadership skills, insights from Fast Company and The 99 Percent, and other helpful resources found around the web!

Thousands of brilliant people are reaching milestones once thought impossible, and their stories conjure up that anxious-motivated feeling in all of us. Let’s share their stories to inspire the impressionable minds that will reach even more incredible milestones one day!

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How will you inspire the future leaders in your classroom?