Since November 2011, the MentorMob team has made friends with people all over the world who are passionate about improving the quality of education. And as we’ve built relationships with teachers, administrators, and students who are interested in using technology to make learning more effective and relevant to the modern working world, we’ve identified four key needs all educators and institutions seem to have:

  1. Content Curation
  2. Course Management
  3. Feedback Analytics
  4. Privacy Settings

Content Curation is the heart and soul of MentorMob, which was created from the beginning to be a tool that teachers, students, and life long learners could use to organize and consume the very best free online content so that everyone can spend less time searching through the web and more time learning from the most accurate and engaging content available.

By empowering learners to organize websites, videos, pdfs, and more into 10-15 step “Learning Playlists”, MentorMob already satisfied this first requirement for an #edtech tool.

And in response to educators’ additional needs, MentorMob is proud to release a new tool that gives educators the ability to organize lessons into folders, track student engagement, and control privacy settings.

MentorMob University

MentorMob University (or MMU) is a subscription based service that helps organizations take advantage of accessible online content in a way that’s manageable, measurable, and safe.

Course Management options allow instructors to organize individual Learning Playlists into folders, organize individual students into groups, then assign folders to groups.

Feedback Analytics make it possible to track learners’ progress through assignments and measure their engagement.

And Privacy Settings give administrators the ability to separate learners and content from MentorMob’s public site, and the authority to chose who has permission to build, edit, and comment on Learning Playlists.

You can also take an in depth tour of MMU’s features by clicking through the following playlist:

Life is too short to waste time dealing with tech tools that don’t work. And with your help, MentorMob University will only get better at organizing learning content—so let us know what you think! You can comment below or find us on Twitter @MentorMob.