Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Inc., is famous for surrounding himself with innovators.

Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are, I suggest you invite smarter people…or find a different room.

But let me assure you—being the smartest person in the room was not an issue at ISTE 2012. The conference center was filled with incredible thinkers from all over the world, from renowned creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson to young mega-mind Ewan McIntosh. And surrounded by these kinds of people, I couldn’t help learning a few things.

The best time of the day is when you and me make ‘we’. Collaborate with one another in order to share ideas and give feedback to fellow educators. With so many avenues to connect with one another, it’s important to make time to share knowledge.

Get on Twitter! A colossal number of helpful tips and links are tweeted out every day. By being active on Twitter, you’re not just broadcasting knowledge; you’re also absorbing the ideas of educational experts everywhere.

And it really is easy to use! My mother uses Twitter on a daily basis and still has no idea how to program a VCR.

Tablets are only getting more popular and useful. If you need some tips on how to get the most out of one, Craig Nansen is an iPad wizard. And since I am finally purchasing an iPad this week, and I will certainly be bugging Craig for great app suggestions.

The more things change, the more things stay the same. In 2nd grade I loved Henry and Mudge books. Throughout the series, young Henry learns many life lessons, usually with the help of his 182 pound dog, Mudge. These days, students are (or should be!) spending a lot of time with new learning technologies like Edmodo and MentorMob, but that doesn’t mean Henry and Mudge have become obsolete—just the opposite! Now their adventures can be shared online by kids everywhere.

Twitter Follower Smackdown

Matt Hardy of Kidblog does an impressive Kenny Rogers impression. If you didn’t make it to Edtech Karaoke this year, then you missed a great performance by the gambler himself.

There is no sweeter victory than surpassing a coworker in Twitter followers. Our blogger Charles hardly even put up a fight.

I fully expect to be surrounded by thought leaders again at ISTE 2013, which will be held in sunny San Antonio. Hope to see you there!

Featured image by Mike Pique.