Making the Most of Chicago’s Unusually Early Spring

Chicago, along with much of the United States, has been blanketed with unusually high temperatures for the beginning of March. And while local news has already rolled out the mandatory “My Meanie Property Manager Won’t Turn on the A/C” stories, I am absolutely giddy with excitement at the prospect trading the freezing, miserable weather I’ve come to expect for an intoxicatingly beautiful spring. (Notwithstanding scattered thunder storms.)

So giddy, in fact, I haven’t even considered lugging my bedroom’s window unit out of the basement where it’s been rotting for six months—and because it’s still going to be a month or two before the combined use of fans and window blinds fails to keep the indoor temperature bearable during the night. Plus, the specter of a false spring and a dip back into the 40s will loom large until at least the middle of April.

But for the time being, all the outdoor activities you were planning on doing in May? Get to it! Running, biking, music festivals, outdoor beer gardens, architecture tours, wine tastings, and art openings are all calling your name!

Add your own favorite outdoor Chicago activities and calendars to the Learning Playlist below, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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One Response to Making the Most of Chicago’s Unusually Early Spring

  1. Erin says:

    I will be keeping my eyes on the Chicago Park District site! They should be announcing the ‘Movies in the Park’ schedule soon!! :)

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