Daily Edventures is a year long project by Anthony Salcito, Vice President of Education for Microsoft’s Worldwide Public Sector organization, for which educators from all over the world are interviewed about how they’re using technology to reshape education.

And today, our very own Chief Executive Mobster opens up about how crowdsourcing, entrepreneurship, and rock climbing have shaped his own beliefs on institutionalized learning.

Read the full interview here, or click on the image below.

“Innovation comes from investigating how learning actually happens. I don’t think of learning as something that’s limited to K-12 and college. I think of it as a non-stop, life-long process. MentorMob is advancing innovation in education in terms of access to top quality content – nearly everyone has Internet access and experience searching online, but there’s a huge glut of disorganized information on the web. Our mission is to get the good stuff to rise to the top.”

Look out, education. You’re about to get disrupted.

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