Daniel Edwards is a Director of Sport at John Hampden Grammar School in the United Kingdom, where he’s been conducting a 1:1 ipad trial and recording the experience on his blog, which is a great source of information for anyone considering using ipads in the classroom. 

I met Daniel earlier this year as I was looking for passionate teachers to try MentorMob’s platform on ipads. Since then he has given us so much useful feedback and created a wide selection of Learning Playlists for professional development with the ipad. And they’re popular! His playlists have collectively received over 80,000 views. With Daniel’s help we have also added so many new MentorMob users from the UK .

In May, Daniel wrote a blog post exploring the use of MentorMob in conjunction with SOLO Taxonomy in the classroom—and if you want to learn more about how education techniques are changing for the better, I highly recommend you give it a look.