As a direct result of David Kapuler‘s advice, I have been able to get to know more passionate life long learners than I ever thought was possible, and I’m thrilled he’s been named a MentorMob Innovator.

By providing insider edtech knowledge and playing devil’s advocate from time to time, David has been an honest and informed sounding board—which is an enormous help to us as a young technology company.

As the edtech geek behind Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero, David offers up weekly reviews of new and exciting web tools and platforms. Thanks to his background as Technology Facilitator and Integration Specialist (you can view his full resume on LinkedIn), David offers an insider’s point of view on what educators are looking for in Web 2.0 resources.

His original blog about MentorMob Learning Playlists is naturally one of my favorite examples of his work, and the snippet below also gives you an idea of how clear and concise his tech tool reviews are!

Features that make Learning Playlists so attractive for educators:

  • User Friendly - A teacher can create a playlist in minutes without any experience necessary. There is an online walkthrough that helps a user create a playlist step by step.
  • Privacy Controls - Teacher can set their playlists to public or private to determine who can and can’t view or edit their playlists.
  • Sharing - Playlists can be embedded into a site (highly recommend for education) or shared with others via popular social networking sites.
  • Outline - A playlist can be viewed in outline mode.
  • Step by Step Learning - Students can learn from a playlist by going step by step through it and checking off what they know.
  • Annotating - Playlists can be annotated as well as commented on for instruction and guided learning.
  • Visually Appealing - MentorMob’s playlists are very visually appealing with an innovative design that helps ignite learning.

There will truly never be enough “TYSM!” direct messages in his twitter inbox to convey our gratitude (that is, until we can send him that Porsche he’s been asking for! :) His dedication to the future of educational technology and his belief in our mission means the world to me.

Discover the benefits of Learning Playlists by viewing one of David’s on 21st Century Learning below!

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