Learn all about Pat and his class by visiting his blog, Learning with my Amazing Year 10s. (As in 10th graders :)

I often catch myself thinking, “I have the best job at MentorMob”.

Sure I’m biased, but it’s true! As Community Manager, I have the ability to connect with hundreds of people across the globe…and get paid for it. One of the great connections I’ve made thus far is with MentorMob Innovator Pat Branson.

As a teacher and Assistant Deputy Principal (Campus Ministry) at Kolbe Catholic College, Pat is always on the look out for innovative technologies. An unwavering believer of the impact educational technology has on the entire classroom, Mr. Branson has designed a flipped class model that not only supports a student’s “learning journey”, but enhances the teacher’s experience as well.

Kolbe is a leading digital school. To be faithful to the school community, I find myself wanting to make the most of the opportunity to use whatever digital resources we have available to help my students master the content and skills of the courses I teach. For teachers, part of the quest for knowledge and skills has always involved mastering the means we use to learn.

Teaching and learning has been transformed by ready access to computers and the Internet. The digital social media explosion has increased the pace of change in teaching and learning. In the past three years, I have moved from using Wikispaces and class wikis, through Mixxt’s social media platform, to Edmodo, a classroom-friendly social media application.

The development zone I find myself in at present incorporates Edmodo and MentorMob Learning Playlists—a happy fusion—but not always a friendly one, because I am still stumbling around as I try to familiarize myself with some very powerful digital applications.

The playlist below examines on of the topics covered in Pat’s Religious Education class: the Catholic Church in Australia’s response to asylum seekers.

Though he’s incredibly modest, there’s no doubt that Pat’s experimentation with MentorMob and other tech tools has helped our team polish product features and explore ideas we otherwise wouldn’t have touched. He is a truly special human being I am honored to call my friend.

Thank you for being an Innovator, Pat!