Attending the ISTE conference this past summer was a hoot for many reasons, but I’d say one of the greatest pleasures was meeting MentorMob Innovator Tom Kramer in person. After months of emails and MentorMob messages, I got to sit down with Tom to discuss user acquisition strategies, the latest in EdTech, and his new ideas for apps and platforms.

A truly innovative mind, Tom loves to talk programming and discuss what kind of designs work for today’s students. As the Technology Integration Specialist for the Alexander Dawson School At Rainbow Mountain, Tom knows firsthand which technology tools engage kids, and which don’t.

What has been most helpful to me as MentorMob’s Community Manager is learning how careful we must be when introducing new technology into classrooms. Because as Joel Klein said last week at TechCrunch Disrupt,

Just putting a computer in front of a student doesn’t make education better.

Technology is a means, not an end—it’s the quality of the resulting educational experience for students AND teachers that matters. And for Tom, Learning Playlists have helped spark his third graders’ interest in several areas, including Geography.

U.S. Geography States For Third Grade - by Tom Kramer

While the discussions I shared with Tom were professionally rewarding, I had just as much fun chowing down on corn dogs and singing the best of 80s rock at San Diego’s dive bars. Tom is not only one of MentorMob’s first allies—he’s a great friend to our team. And I can’t wait to reunite for another round of “Kick Start Your Heart” karaoke!