MentorMob & Partners Win at Digital Media & Learning Competition!

Last week I traveled to San Francisco with MentorMob’s illustrious co-founder, Kris Chinosorn, and partners to attend the Digital Media & Learning Competition.

Ninety teams (out of hundreds of applicants) from all over the United States gathered at the beautiful California Academy of Sciences to pitch their ideas for encouraging the growth of a robust global ecosystem of open badges for online learning. Only 30 would receive funding.

A whole basket full of future-thinking, education focused organizations, including Mozilla, MacArthur Foundation, and the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Advanced Collaboratory (HASTAC) organized the event, and we were thrilled to be in the company of so many tech geeks and teachers determined to disrupt education.

And we were even more thrilled that our team won! Learning Playlists allow users to organize and share the best learning content, and developing open badges will give our partners’ community much deserved recognition for learning and teaching what they love!

So what do badges do? “They make accomplishments and experiences of individuals, in online and offline spaces, visible to anyone and everyone, including potential employers, educators, and communities.” Learn more here:

Charles Perry

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Charles gets fired up about intelligent tech tools for teachers, Chicago in the summer, and space operas. Follow @MentorMob and @CharlesUpTop for the latest in education disruption.
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