Thank you to everyone who attended our first MentorMob University Webinar last night on WizIQ!

We had a great conversation about yesterday’s release of MentorMob University (MMU) and the powerful new tools it puts in the hands of educators, including workflow management customization, feedback analytics, and privacy controls.

The Learning Playlists below walk through Erin and my presentation from last night, which answered questions like:

  • What is MentorMob? (Pretty basic, but important! :)
  • How does MentorMob’s brand new tool, MentorMob University, work?
  • What tips and tricks are there for educators currently using MentorMob in the classroom?

We’re looking forward to continued chats both on “WizIQ Mondays” at 8pm CST, and on Twitter @MentorMob.  

Each week we will be featuring a new topic suggested by our community of users. Feel free to share your ideas for our weekly webinar to and, or find us on Twitter @ErinMMarguerite & @KristinMMarie. And if you would like to guest host, we would LOVE to have you!

The following playlist explains the basics: what is MentorMob and how do you use it?

This playlist walks through how to use the advanced features of MentorMob University:

And this playlist goes over MentorMob University tips and tricks that savvy teachers are already using!