The MentorMob Mission:  

Making online learning free and accessible to the entire world.

Some may look at this mission statement and think, “Wow… good luck with that!” And they’re right. MentorMob and other e-learning trailblazers do need a little luck. But above all else, we need people who believe. We need educators, mentors, enthusiasts and lifelong learners who believe that together, we can build a strong foundation for learning online that creates endless possibilities.

The mind blowing reality is thousands of believers are helping us achieve this mission every day, and the proof is in MentorMob’s Browse Page. This page houses nearly 2000 public playlists available for anyone to learn from and share with friends, family, and colleagues around the world!

Learn how to make the most of MentorMob’s Browse Page below:

Every one of my “Favorite Playlists” can be found on our Browse Page, including this new addition:

Featuring  TED-Ed videos and great interactive elements like Step 5′s “Scale of the Universe”, this playlist is a breeze for kids of any age—and a very useful introduction to atoms! Click through it to get a taste of what MentorMob’s community of believers has to offer.

Then give creating a playlist a whirl by signing up for a MentorMob account. It’s completely free for you and me! :)

Featured image via The Edublogger.