Every now and then we all need a little energy boost. Enduring a seven to nine hour work day in the same chair can certainly take a toll on a person’s health and efficiency. In fact, a recent article in Time Healthland by Alice Park suggests that, “Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off a person’s life expectancy, even if he or she exercises regularly.”

This calls for a little movin’ and shakin’, don’t you think?!

The same applies to kids in school. If the average school day is around 6.6 hours long, the bulk of which is spent sitting at a desk or table, it’s no wonder some students feel disengaged and sleepy during their mid-afternoon classes. Time to stretch those legs and integrate a little hands on activity into lesson plans!

Created by new MentorMob user Jackie Gerstein, this 11 step playlist is a collection of  informative websites, Google Docs and online communities that boast energizing classroom activities and hands-on projects where kids can exercise more than just their brains.

So stop relying on recess and P.E. classes to deliver physical activity! Pick a few experiential learning examples from this playlist and see the results for yourself. If you’ve already integrated these activities into your class, tell us about it! Submit any questions or comments in the section below, or email me directly at erin@mentormob.com. :)

Featured image via bethanyschool.org