Sparking Young Minds by Mentoring at MentorMob

For the past few months, MentorMob has mentored two young men once a week through Spark, a program that facilitates “apprenticeships that change lives”.

Kenneth and Malik both applied, were selected, and then paired with MentorMob in order to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship and web development.

Vince, Kristin, Malik, Erin, & Kenneth

Here’s a little from Malik on what he built at MentorMob:

“I developed two different Android apps. One is called “Voice Command”, and the other is “iFart”. I was just curious about how programming works, and “iFart” was a funny idea I had. You just press a button on your phone and get a fart noise. “Voice Command” plays back to you whatever you say to it, so you can hear your own voice. We used the Android App Inventor to make both apps. We spent a lot of time fixing bugs, but it was fun. I want to develop more apps!”

Kenneth focused on transforming a business idea into a comprehensive business model:

“My business is called “MoneyNeal”, and it helps people find a bank that will treat them fairly. People can suggest and rank banks based on how they treat their customers. I know now what I’ll need to do to make the business work. I’ll have to figure out who would use MoneyNeal, develop a logo, maybe use QR codes, build a team, and make a presentation for investors.”

More on how to fund a startup idea can be found in this playlist by the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center:

As an elearning company, MentorMob is all about removing barriers to a quality education, so it was special to see these two young men take some steps toward making their career dreams a reality.

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