Sunday Detox: An Arbonne Products Consultation

This past Sunday morning, a raggle draggle bunch of MentorMob employees gathered in the office for a skin care detoxification session, courtesy of Infuse Yoga Studio owner and Arbonne Independent Consultant Andrea Klunder.

And though I was skeptical that sipping a chocolate protein shake while sporting a cleansing clay masque that slowly hardened my facial expression into a manic grin would prove rejuvenating, I must admit the experience proved to be exactly that.

Awash in antioxidants, sea salt, and botanicals

My time tested cure for an evening’s overindulgence—a huge bowl of yellow curry noodles—will continue to be an important component of my weekend routine, but after trying an all natural sea salt exfoliating scrub that left my hands as soft as those of a New Zealand shepherd, I’m a believer in the power of quality skin care products to repair worn out bodies from the outside in.

It was also interesting to commiserate with Andrea a little bit on the thrills and spills of starting a company and growing a client base. It takes patience and commitment, but the final goal of a profitable, fun business that provides above average service keeps us both going!

Andrea can be reached at, and our Director of Communications, Kristin, can be found in a silly situation below.

Practicing the art of working while relaxing

Charles Perry

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