For the 17th year, the TCC Online Conference will bring educators from all over the world together as it’s virtually conducted April 17-19, 2012.

Now, I’m pretty used to the shrinking importance of geography thanks to the power of instant global communication. But it still amazes me when great big events don’t even have an “in person” component—because they don’t have to!

And this year, heavy hitting speakers at the conference like Jonathan Finkelstein, founder of LearningTimes and Dr. Paul Kim, CTO and Assistant Dean at Stanford University School of Education, are addressing several possible ways of incorporating technology successfully in classrooms around the world, including one strategy central to MentorMob’s mission to disrupt education: digital badges.

In fact, the TCC Conference will be awarding digital badges that are compliant with Mozilla’s Open Badge Infrastructure (or OBI) to all its participants. That way, badge recipients can manage their badges and display them across their various online profiles.

Watch how earning badges works at the TCC Conference in the video below:

Pretty cool, right? All the benefits of an in-person conference, and none of the hassles, plus a sneak peak at how earning and managing digital badges will work in the future.

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