Remember the last time you learned how to do something online? If you use a computer regularly, chances are you do, and that you completed one of the 13 million Google searches for “how to” do something that happen every day. But while it’s easy to measure how many people are trying to learn online, it’s harder to pin down how many are actually able to find what they’re looking for.

The phrase “how to play guitar”, to name just one example, is searched for about a million times every month and typically returns nearly a billion results. And this mess of billions of disorganized articles, videos, and blogs is ranked in order by popularity, and not necessarily by quality.

So the question is, how can you find the information you want without wearing yourself out sifting and searching and backtracking to find just what you need?

What if some enterprising folks could arrange the best content from around the Web into step-by-step Learning Playlists on all kinds of topics, from guitar to knitting to calculus? It might look something like this:

MentorMob is a learning platform that does just that—it allows users to cut out all the garbage and organize, rank, and share the best free content from around the Web. If Wikipedia is a repository for the world’s encyclopedic knowledge, MentorMob is a crowd-sourced repository for the world’s instructional content.

And the need for a this type of content curation tool will only grow. As former Google CEO Eric Schmidt famously said, every 48 hours Internet users create more content than all the content that ever existed from the beginning of the Internet Age to 2003.

This kind of explosive exponential growth means search engines aren’t enough. The time has come to replace willy nilly search results with easily found, thoughtfully constructed learning content. You can personally take part in the process. And MentorMob can help you make it happen.