The Relentless Fun of Algebra 1

There’s a certain amount of trickery involved in good teaching. Ask students about their favorite class, or remember your own favorite from elementary or middle school, and I’m sure it won’t be the class where you learned the most—it’ll be the class where you had the most FUN!

The tricky part is that hands on, collaborative, adventurous learning IS fun, and just because the students themselves are more focused on having a good time rather than conscious knowledge gain doesn’t mean vital, lasting learning isn’t happening.

Technology is making it easier than ever for teachers to connect, be encouraged, and share lesson plans. Earlier this month, math teacher and blogger Jeanette Stein celebrated Pi Day (3/14) with her students and put together a Learning Playlist including Pi facts, activities, songs, and videos. You can see Jeanette’s full blog post here.

Sharing engagement techniques for inside and outside the classroom with other teachers and parents is a snap using tools such as MentorMob, Edmodo, and personal web sites—like Jeanette’s blog for Algebra 1 Teachers. And you don’t have to be a pro to have a strong web presence. All you need is a passion for teaching and the courage to try!

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