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Thank you to everyone we met and learned from at the #140Conf in New York! School should ignite students’ passion, curiosity, and creativity, and with you all leading the charge, it’s only a matter of time before education is transformed from the inside out.

Below are 10 Top Tweets illustrating the thought provoking discussion that took place over the last few days:

  • Lisa Nielsen @InnovativeEdu The best gift we can give others is to believe in them & invest in them - @jeffpulver #140edu
  • Michael Wilkinson @mwilkinson3 Childhood=unfiltered+curiosity+creativity. Best formula for learning and innovation. @stumpteacher #140edu
  • Chris Lehmann @chrislehmann: How many of us are afraid that school will get in the way of our own children’s passions and love of learning? #140edu
  • Zak Malamed @zakmal Are you a #student or a supporter of the #StuVoice? Join the #StuVoice Twitter chat on Mondays at 8:30 pm EST. #140edu #edchat
  • Joe Mazza @Joe Mazza Here’s my Home & School 2.0 slide deck from today’s #140edu:  - #ptchat Video archive coming in a couple days.
  • Deven Black @devenkblack “How to Make Dropping Out of School Work for You”. What I said at the #140edu conference. #edchat
  • Lisa Nielsen @InnovativeEdu “Not everyone should go to high school.” @devenkblack, teacher speaking at #140edu #edchat
  • Karen Gluskin @kegluskin #140edu Choice is extremely powerful to kids. In schools, it’s not always an option. @stumpteacher
  • Heather Rocco @heatherrocco Students spend the day learning something that interests them and then share what they learned with their peers. @stumpteacher #140edu
  • Sue Beckingham @suebecks Love the idea of ‘Innovation Day - @stumpteacher giving the students the power of choice to work on what they want to learn #140edu

Thank you to everyone who made the conference so fun and engaging! You can view most of the speakers in the video below, including Mentormob’s Kris Chinosorn (who can be reached @MentorMob), who spoke about the history of formalized education and the untapped potential of an organized Internet (Kris starts speaking at 02:47:30)

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