Tablet technologies are the coolest new gadgets on the block. From e-readers like Amazon’s Kindle to the monumental Apple iPad, thousands of educators are finding innovative ways to integrate tablets into the classroom.

On the other hand, we all know not everyone has jumped on the tablet train. For those still trying to figure out how to cut, copy, and paste… never fear!

Our dear friend, Mark Anderson, has collected 8 simple screencast tutorials covering basic iPad functions as well as more advanced tricks.  Be sure to check out the final steps, which focus on iMovie and Keynote—both incredibly useful in education!

No doubt there will be a lot of tablet talk at the upcoming ISTE Conference, and we’re excited to join in the conversation! Six members of the MentorMob Team are traveling to San Diego and we CAN’T WAIT to chat with many of our MentorMobbers! Attending ISTE as well? We’d love to meet you in person!

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