If you’ve already lived through your first internship, whether it was a good experience or not, I’ll bet you remember it. Maybe you weren’t paid, so you had to eat abandoned food out of the office fridge. Or maybe you earned a living wage but had to regularly work fifteen hour days. Point being, internship experiences differ wildly, and MentorMob employees are no exception.

Eric developed an appreciation for an officer’s many responsibilities at a police department, Kristin took coffee orders at the offices of a less than hospitable luxury brand, and Vince left his telecom internship knowing for sure only what he didn’t want to do after graduation.

No matter what internship route young adults decide to travel, they will all gain experience working in the real world. But will that experience translate into a real career opportunity?

That’s why I love YouTern—an online community where learners have the power to find quality, hands-on internships with dynamic startups, change oriented non-profits, passionate entrepreneurs and more. Students DO NOT have to settle for “gopher” positions (go get lunch, go fax this). I believe passionate young people deserve internship experiences that enhance their studies and prepare them for future employment. Nine out of ten direct-from-college jobs will go to students with experiential education on their resumes, and YouTern wants to help recent graduates gain that advantage.

Dave Ellis, YouTern’s Content Manager and contributor to their awesome blog, TheSavvyIntern, created the following playlist on how to get a high-quality internship and then succeed brilliantly in it. This is a fantastic playlist to share with your friends, family, and college students just starting to pave the road to their professional careers.

So are you ready to take charge of your future with an internship you’ll forever be thankful for? It’s easy as heading to YouTern and clicking “Search Internships Now”. To narrow down your options, click “Advanced Search” to look for paid internships, see whether travel is required, if school credit is available, and more!

Share your questions or comments below, and as always, email me at erin@mentormob.com for more info!