It’s truly amazing to see so many people from all over the world share what they empower in support of  the #iEmpower Campaign. These simple, yet powerful photos are traveling across social media to encourage women and children who have escaped human trafficking in Uganda.

Just last week, MentorMob community member Allie Holland and students from the Plymouth school district set a little class time aside to participate in the campaign. The results will warm your heart and motivate others to #dogood!

Below you’ll also hear about the students’ experience from Allie in her own words.

I Empower Belief, Smiles :), Exploration, & Patience.

I Empower Bravery, Confidence, Kindness, & To Never Lose Hope.










“All year long, I’ve been doing my best to show students how social media can be used for so much more than random updates about who you like this week. When I heard about the #iempower project, I was so excited to get the chance to ‘prove’ what I was preaching!

The craziest part was that the eighth grade Social Studies classes were just finishing up a unit on slavery and human trafficking! The teachers were really excited about letting the students do this and allowed me to take 15 minutes of class time to explain the project and take some pictures.

It was so inspiring to see many of the students post pictures on their personal social media accounts. Students keep coming up to me and saying how they are going to have their friends and family take pictures, too! One student even had her after school group take pictures. I love when students get excited about something that goes beyond the classroom!” - Allie Holland, eLearning Coach (5th-8th)

It’s easier now than ever to make connections with others across countries and even continents. In fact, it’s argued that becoming a Digitial Citizen is one of the most important skills today’s students will learn.

Mrs. Holland and her inspiring students are just one example of how transparent classroom walls promote exploration and open opportunities to support others. Imagine the possibilities if we band together and fight for a cause!

What do YOU empower?