We’ve reached the finish line of our three month sprint. Demo Day is tomorrow!

On our journey turning a good idea into good business, we’ve learned how important our team is for success, and gotten some key advice from mentors.

Our Techstars support network includes founders, VPs, and directors of successful start-ups—these are the folks who have helped us take MentorMob to the next level. I don’t have time to mention all the lessons we learned at the Kaplan Accelerator, but I can give you a sample of the best advice we got from a few of our mentors.

What’s the most important thing to remember when launching a company?

Jeremy Shure - Founder of Excel Capital Partners

“It’s critical to push yourself outside of the confines of what you think is your “comfort zone”  and get comfortable tackling areas of work that you might normally shy away from.  There is no such thing as afraid!   These are areas where I am exceptionally proud of MentorMob – each day they strive to step up their own game, no matter how great the day before was, and they do so in a manner that engages all of their employees to be excited about their work.”

Michael Karnjanaprakorn - Founder of Skillshare

“A wise man told me once to quadruple down on things when they work since they happen so rarely and exhaust it until it stops working. He was referring mostly to distribution channels—but still good advice nevertheless, especially if you use it as an opportunity to learn how to repeat and scale.”

Nick Ducoff VP of Content & Ops at Boundless

“Focus is a competitive advantage. Every minute you are doing something is a minute you are not doing something else. Spend your minutes wisely.”

Nicole Glaros - Managing Director at Techstars

“Pick one thing and be the best in the world at it.”

Tomorrow Kris Chinosorn will assure us that it is finally safe to stop searching and start learning online, when he presents MentorMob to hundreds of thought leaders. If you haven’t yet, you can request access to MentorMob RIGHT HERE.