“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, so I built a plane and flew instead, because it seemed like it would be more of an adventure.”
James Geary (featuring Robert Frost)

It’s only fitting that, since my first and only blog post was about how I got here, I should stop by for one last visit.

Three years ago, I started on what would end up being one of the most wonderful journeys a budding professional could ask for. Now it’s come time for me to part ways with MentorMob, as we both blaze our own trails into the world. I never expected to get into web development when I was in school (despite the fact that, as soon as my fraternity brothers realized I was a Computer Science major, I was put in charge of maintaining our chapter’s website.) But I think a lot of what I’ve gotten out of being a part of MentorMob is due to the unexpectedness of it all.

I got to work with a wonderful team of passionate people, who truly believed in what we were working towards but with no idea how or when we’d get there. Every day was a fresh experience, every project a new opportunity to learn. And as I go forward from here I can still safely say that it was totally worth it, and that I emerged a better person from it.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to serve the community from behind the scenes these past three years. The people I’ve met and the stories they’ve shared have made a huge impact on me. There are few things more encouraging than getting to interact with the people who are using the product you’ve worked tirelessly to build, and seeing it have an affect on their own lives. I wish nothing but the best for all of you, and for my wonderful friends and coworkers at MentorMob, as you all keep working to change the world.

Learn long and prosper.

James Geary
Lead Backend Developer, Chief Bears Fan