Teachers describing to each other how they use technology to improve learning in their classrooms is a powerful thing.

Earlier this month, that’s exactly what happened during EdcampSTL at Hixson Middle School in St. Louis. Using the “unconference” format, where attendees propose discussion topics rather than relying on prescheduled programming, EdcampSTL was an opportunity for teachers to share best practices with each other on how to engage students and fellow educators with tech tools like Evernote, Edmodo, MentorMob, and many more.

Hixson’s cafeteria, filled to capacity with tech savvy teachers.

Eric @SuperBad_ Pitt and I (@CharlesUpTop Perry) road tripped from Chicago in order to attend, and we were reminded yet again how eager teachers are to incorporate tech tools into their lesson plans—provided those tools are helpful and easy to use.

The day was broken into four chunks, with two discussions before noon and two after. So Eric and I got the chance to sit in on two sessions in the morning (where I learned a TON) before talking about how MentorMob works as a content curation tool in the early afternoon.

And especially since we hosted one of the discussions taking place right after lunch, we owe a special debt of gratitude to Chris R McGee, who organized not only the entire event, but some get-your-blood-moving-again activities after we all finished eating that included several options that are generally frowned-upon in school.

Yes, “bullying in the stairwell” was my favorite activity.

So to Chris and all the teachers who participated, thank you for sharing your time with us!

And if you would like to know more about EdcampSTL or missed it this year,  you can take a look at a comprehensive collection of feedback on it at the EdcampSTL wikispaces page.