What could be better than working with teachers around the world?

Here’s what: partnering with an organization that’s helping provide education to those in disadvantaged areas that would not receive a good education otherwise.

I have always believed that education is a right not a privilege. And in support of that belief, MentorMob has teamed up with Kwagala Project, which is dedicated to rescuing, restoring, and empowering women & children who have been victimized by trafficking, violence, or poverty.

In addition to providing counseling and trauma therapy, we help survivors cross the bridge into self-sufficiency through education and practical aftercare programs such as skills training, entrepreneurship, and job placement.  Each area of study is designed to equip graduates with the tools and informed choices needed to build their newly empowered futures.

MentorMob and Kwagala are asking you to #BeAwesome and take action by learning more about the project!  We would also love you to share this opportunity with the #EdChat community on Twitter and give a Ugandan girl the school supplies she needs by purchasing bracelets for the MentorMob campaign that were hand made by women who are retaking control of their lives. (After clicking the link, just scroll down to see the bracelets.) 

Entrepreneurs Empowering Education

Staying true to their educational awesomeness and readiness to change the world, MentorMob is donating 100% of the proceeds from these bracelets to purchase school supplies and uniforms for girls in Uganda.  We are thrilled to facilitate this endeavor and look forward to reporting the number of backpacks and uniforms you helped provide!  Way to #BEAWESOME!

This cause is particularly special to me because I wanted to be a teacher when I was little.

In fact, one of my own elementary teachers got me so excited about learning I started playing make-believe school in my free time!  I would set my dolls up on chairs, give them books, and teach them while tapping my paperclip fingernails against a toy chalkboard.

I feel very lucky to have attended great schools and developed relationships with motivating teachers and passionate students who encouraged me to love school, and I want to give that same opportunity to the girls whose lives are being changed by Kwagala.

kristin beawesome

And I’m going to keep living my dream of working with teachers around the world who still inspire me every day! Join this great cause (and look as cool as I do) by getting a bracelet today.