Post co-authored by Emma Holland of TechStars

As of 2011, more young kids know how to play a computer game than ride a bike. 10 years ago, kids were being raised by Oregon Trail, Math Blaster and Dr. Seuss’s ABCs. Today, they can launch their favorite game on mom’s smartphone. Technology has become so ingrained in children’s lives, but education hasn’t kept up quite as quickly.

Google Chromebooks provide an amazing opportunity for teachers and administrators to work with students’ already-honed technological skills and channel them into a more productive, efficient, and modern learning experience. Teachers will be able to better keep track of their classes, connect with their students, and present complex lessons. Schools will run more smoothly, which allows teachers to focus more on their students’ actual education.

We are thrilled to be helping schools use Chromebooks to jump start this school year by bringing technology into the classroom.