On 11.11.11 the MentorMob team not only survived our first road trip together—we launched the website that’s kept us addicted to learning ever since.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that the MentorMob you currently know, is taking on a new name, MentorMob EDU!  But don’t panic-everything you know and love about how MentorMob works will stay the same.

But what does this MEAN? 

  • MentorMob is now called MentorMob EDU
  • That’s the only change. Really!
  • None of your widgets, links, or posts need to be updated.
  • Using MentorMob EDU, you can create, share, explore, and edit Learning Playlists just like always.

So why the change? 

  • MentorMob EDU is now the name of the tool you know and love that’s useful for differentiating instruction, organizing online content, and sharing resources. 
  • To be part of the new MentorMob, claim your vanity URL to reserve your name here, so you can be one of the very first people to see it!
  • The new MentorMob builds on the core concept of Learning Playlists. It exclusively allows enthusiasts specializing in snowboarding to photography to collaborate on one long learning playlist, creating a more comprehensive experience. A deep learning experience that functions in a similar way to Wikipedia, that is the new MentorMob.

Thank you again for all the support.

Please email Kristin@mentormob.com with any questions!