I never thought social media could make such a difference. But there is real power in a tweet.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest can be driving forces for sharing good. They have also connected MentorMob with like minded people around the world we never would have met otherwise, and enabled us to take part in global campaigns that are making a real difference.

Just last week, Twitter users across the globe and companies committed to doing #GOOD like Virgin Unite sent their love and raised money for those devastated by the tragedies in Boston and Texas.

After all, doing good business isn’t just about making a profit—it’s about making the world a better place. Or as Richard Branson put it in the new edition of Screw Business as Usual:

Do good, have fun, and the money will come.”

Earlier this month, Virgin Unite launched a competition to find out what businesses their Twitter community thought were being a force for good in the world and screwing business as usual. Only 10 winners were picked, and we’re delighted MentorMob and our friends at Give Forward were one of them!

  • @karmenmandic who nominated Kiva
  • @ajmereltd  who nominated Tango Tab
  • -> @MentorMob who nominated Give Forward <-
  • @TLJansson who nominated Grameen Bank
  • @MstrssBttrfly  who nominated Patagonia
  • @ninagrenningloh who nominated Sole Rebels
  • @vidales7 who nominated Participant
  • @PositiveWork who nominated ZamBikes
  • @WorthyBabble who nominated TOMS
  • @mike_earthshine who nominated Triodos Bank

This just goes to show how much potential there is in conscious capitalism and social media—and that there’s real power in a tweet!