This week we give thanks for all the wonderful things in our lives. At MentorMob we are thankful for the great deal of support that we have gotten from our educators over the years. Blog posts, conferences, webinars, user feedback, the list is never ending. Bottom line, MentorMob would not be what it is today without your help. Thank you.

Last week I reached out to a few educators and MentorMob Innovators to find out…

What are you Thankful for in EdTech?

Stacey Roshan (Technology Coordinator & Math Teacher at Bullis School)

What am I most thankful for in EdTech this year? The inspiration and the constant encouragement to dream bigger. Through twitter, blogs, and some amazing forward-thinking EdTech companies, I have been given the chance to continuously share, grow, and collaborate. I am surrounded by innovative ideas and inspiring teams working to create better tools and to share great work. I have been given the ability to amplify my voice and lessons to reach students across the globe. Being a really great teacher to the students in my classroom has always been my dream, but being able to reach thousands beyond the walls of my school has been simply amazing.

Alison Anderson (editor at Getting Smart & MentorMob Innovator)

I’m thankful for how much EdTech has become less about the tech- picking the devices, managing them and “protecting” them- and more about actual learning. With digital technology, every learner should now be able to find what they need to accomplish their goals and be successful. More and more of us are realizing that, connecting as educators with a coin in goal and strengthening the overall message to ensure this revolution happens in the right way for all students.

Bret Gosselin (ESL Teacher, Edmodo Featured Blogger & MentorMob Innovator)

In the world of education, I am thankful that things have changed and that we are understanding that the world is different now. Teachers are embracing EdTech as valid instruction and the market for web tools has followed suit. We are letting our students have the opportunity to collaborate and create; to take learning a step further and see how the skills they have learned actually have real world application. I could list specific web sites and tools that accomplish this, but what I’m really thankful for is the fact that EdTech is alive and kicking and supporting the shift in thinking our students need.

Ariel Margolis (Science Teacher & Tech Coach at Kehillah Schechter Academy)

I am thankful that EdTech continues to push my students and me to be more creative. I am thankful that EdTech opens the world, thus making it more accessible to students each day. I am thankful that EdTech connects me with fantastic experts in the field of education and technology to share best practices. I am thankful that EdTech provides opportunities for growth - growth in my students’ abilities to learn the vital skills they will need to be contributing members of society and growth in my abilities to be a better teacher. I am thankful for the people create and work with education technology as they are the pioneers in helping to build the future - that is, helping students achieve their dreams.

David Kapuler (Creator of Technology Tidbits & MentorMob Innovator)

I’m thankful for all the educators, students, parents, other readers for reading my blog and seeing the importance of technology in education. Together we can bridge the digital gap and use technology to increase student’s learning and understanding around the globe.

Justin Marquis (Writer for KNeoWORLD & MentorMob Innovator)

Reflecting on the past year in EdTech it’s hard to pinpoint any one thing to be thankful for. Most importantly for me, new eyes have been opened to the possibilities that technology brings to enhancing learning. An awareness of the potential of EdTech and open sharing of tools, knowledge, and technologies – is the thing I am most grateful for. I am heartened by the constant buzz about new tools to enhance education that the Internet and social media help to circulate every day. At no time in history has there been such a proliferation of paradigm-shifting knowledge available to everyone around the world, on any device, and at any time. Educators, researchers, game developers, and entrepreneurs are now able to come together in new ways to help shape the future of learning like never before. In the end, I am most thankful for the potential that EdTech, and technology in general, represents for our ability to think of learning in brave new ways, to explore new modes of delivery, and to reach every person on the planet who has a desire to learn.

Brett Clark (Director of Technology at Greater Clark County Schools)

I am thankful this year for Chromebooks. We are 1:1 in grades 3-12 for a grand total of 9,100 Chromebooks. These devices have broaden our students horizon and given them access to a tremendous wealth of knowledge. It’s given us the opportunity to help make them better learners and to learn ourselves. I’m thankful to be able to promote collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. I am thankful to be able to provide my students a tool that is built around those concepts and allows my students to pursue their passions.

Cheryl Morris (FlipClass Teacher & 1/2 of Thomasson Morris Instruction)

I’m thankful for TechSmith and their willingness to listen and respond to their users. Camtasia and Snagit revolutionized my life in the same way MentorMob did. They also allow for collaboration with my teaching partner across the country and let our students see and interact with one another easily. I’m also grateful for the people around me who are constantly learning and sharing their learning on Twitter so I can keep finding new things, and making my classroom the best possible place to teach and learn.

Susan Oxnevad (Instructional Tech Facilitator & Blogger)

I am thankful for EdTech because of the tremendous potential it has to transform the way we teach and learn. Web 2.0 tools and apps allow us to design student centered learning experiences that use multimedia to provide students with flexible learning paths to meet their diverse learning needs. Increased access to portable learning devices allows students to find information, make sense of it and mess around with it to create something original. Social media allows us to connect and collaborate with others educators to share ideas and explore the possibilities that exist. EdTech allows us to learn more, do more and make a bigger difference in the lives of our students.

What are you most thankful for this year? Let is know in the comment section below.