image via Dan on Flickr

Dan McLaughlin is doing his best to settle the age old nature vs. nurture debate. Are a person’s talents, abilities, and aptitudes primarily the result of genetic heritage, or are they the fruit of deliberate practice?

Like you and me and everyone we know, Dan wondered if he could be a star and transform himself into an expert by committing 100% of his energies toward mastering a specific skill set. But unlike you and me and everyone we know, he’s actually trying to do it.

The Dan Plan goes something like this: Anybody can be great at anything. It just takes mountains of time and dedication—10,000 hours of time, to be exact. So why not pick something fun, active, & challenging, and get after it?

So will Dan stick to his nearly superhuman regime and realize his dream? Stay tuned and follow Dan @thedanplan to find out!