What a school year it has been.  As we look back and recap the excitement school year 2012-2013 has brought, it’s fun to share some of the best and brightest stories.

A week ago, Vince Leung and I were interviewed by Forbes to talk about our #iEmpower campaign and how students are sharing their voices globally through social media.  One teacher we highlighted was Allie Holland from Plymouth Community Schools, who jumped on board with the campaign from day one with her @RISeLearning students.  You can read about her experience in a previous blog post.

This story goes a lot further than just the MentorMob and #iEmpower communities.  Allie and I were talking the other day about the impact her students have had on one another, the school district, and a global community this year by using technology within the classroom.

Allie shared with me:

“I’m not sure if you’ve seen the #INeLearn chats Thursday nights at 8pm, but the Rockstar students have joined in several chats. The craziest part is that I just showed the kids the different features of twitter and showed them how I used it and they just took off! They have interacted with educators from all over the state and even the country! Here’s a storify of one of their chats. :) They have various hashtags they’ve created like #putupoftheday and #deviceoftheday.

We meet as a group every other Monday and during their study hall time throughout the day. Only a few students actually tweet, but the other students share ideas for them to tweet. They also have a website that they have shared with their classmates and teachers that house tools, how-to videos and even a helpdesk! They seriously have made me so proud. It’s amazing what happens when students feel empowered! They ROCK! :)”

These students (@RISeLearning group) are doing such good work they were nominated for a student voice award through SETDA.  We wish them nothing but the best and hope that they keep empowering each other, their community and their global audience.