Startup accelerators exist to do one thing: help new companies grow into profitable, game-changing businesses.

So for MentorMob and the other 9 companies selected for the Kaplan TechStars Accelerator in New York, that means getting overwhelming doses of advice from mentors, investors, and serial entrepreneurs during 13 weeks of concentrated growth hacking.

It also means throwing a bunch of edtech & startup obsessed people in a room together and seeing what happens.

working hard (?) at our new office in Kaplan’s West Village headquarters

The organizations accepted into TechStars range from two people just launching their venture to six person crews looking to massively ramp up their company’s growth. But no matter their size, each edtech team is working to present a compelling argument for investment from a room full of  investors on Demo Day this September.

And let me tell you. It’s going to be wild. Only one week into the program, at least one person on the MentorMob team has:

  • expressed pleasant surprise that all 5—soon to be 6—of us have lived together in the Lower East Side of Manhattan without killing each other
  • worked until 2 in the morning at the office and immediately regretted it the following morning
  • watched Full Metal Jousting on the History Channel to decompress from dawn-til-dusk work days
  • come to terms with sleeping on an air mattress for 3 months
  • shaken hands with Michael Kelly, who plays Doug Stamper on House of Cards, without having a celebrity-sighting panic attach
  • gotten a better handle than ever before on how MentorMob is strategically situated to make online learning easier than ever and build a sustainable business at the same time

home sweet home on the LES / Chinatown boarder…

…and the auditorium sized living room housed within

 So what’s next?

Speed dating. I kid you not.

I’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been told meeting the industry insiders who are volunteering their time to mentor TechStars companies is like flirting.

So over the coming week we’ll flirt, flirt hard, and with any luck get invited upstairs on the third date.

It’s good to be back in New York!